Key sentences
Those statements and conclusions may appear bossy, exaggerated or too pessimistic. However, they are all scientifically substantiated and stand up to any detailed fact-check. This is to be confirmed by the books of the bibliography.

Mankind has fallen ignorant into a growth-trap. Every human beeing uses on average two "worlds". But there is only one. Result:     
Mankind commits collectiv suicide, because that yields the highest profit.

Wellbeing (health, zest for life,secure future) without wealth, results in high quality of life.
Wealth (possession, power, reputation) without wellbeing, results in    no    quality of life.
Humans do need essentially only food, clothing, housing and fellow humans. The rest is bonus, not necessary and must be globally reduced by half, in CH 3 times and in USA 6 times if Live shall continue.

How stupid do you have to be, trying to achieve "safety" with a hundred times nuclear overkill? Overkill is suppressed by the people, because nobody can live contentedly with this inhuman threat.
Military is a huge waste of mind, material, environment and quality of life.

It is simply a scandal, that a single generation of mankind makes it impossible for 400 subsequent generations, to live in future as they may want to ( e.g. sustainable, close to nature, peaceful, real instead virtual, etc.), by forcing them to guard the deadly waste of the currently sick economy.  It is not only arrogant, but also stupid, to fix the future with such ignorance.

To have hundreds of virtual (fictional) and thus unknown friends,  but not to speak with real counterparts at the table, that's anti-social. To wipe on electronic devices, instead to communicate direct with real human beings, that's anti-social. To think, that this will contribute to a better world, is just stupid. Equally stupid is , that scientists equate computing power to human intelligence. Computers are machines and run by definition according causally determined processes. A machine has no intentions, no emotions, no ideas and certainly no social consciousness and can therefore never be a friend or partner. AI researchers often see themselves as machines or automatons and thus judge human characteristics and abilities as weaknesses. Yet it is precisely these characteristics, that have given rise to the entire culture, including art and science. It is exlusively human mind, which forms matter and invent and programs electronic devices, not vice versa. To build machines in order to replace mankind is an  even greater stupidity, than the already outrageous overkill.

The excessive use of fossile fuels has heated the earth within 200 years (seconds in evolution, CO2 410ppm) in a way, that would normally occur within 800'000 years. For the last  300'000 years, Mean Sea Level and global temperature have been constant (CO2 200ppm), despite the many ice-times between.The latest IPCC report AR6 2022 proves this without doubt. A majority does not realise, that this means destruction of lifebase and its evolution. To avoid extinction, only solar based energy (direct radiation, water, wind, biomasss) and volcanic activity are acceptable and climate neutral. Mankind must forbid all use of fossile and nuclear energy, if there is to be a future. That also means elimination of all oilbased synthetics, regardless origin of energy.
Climate-Shock-Diagnosis: 200 Years Materialism+Machine+Capitalism=Climate-Disaster+Lifebase-Destruction.
Cause: The contained compulsive growth of the competition driven liberalized economy and the resulting social and economic inequality. This threatens the existence of mankind through climate-migration, culture-clash, racism, and in the end war for raw materials.

1.Stop population explosion.
2.Reduce  economy by half. Eliminate synthetics. Install circle-economy.
3.Reduce energy consumption by efficiency.
4.Design technology retrievable.
 This requires:
1.Global contracts on the number of children (WHO, max. 2), promote education.
2.Promote regionalisation, dismantle globalization, replace capitalism (delete financial economy), reuse resources in cycles.
3.End fossile and nuclear energy, use solar energy only, promote public traffic, reduce individual traffic, reduce air traffic
4.Delete nuclear energy, destroy nuclear weapens, permit genetics within species only (CIS-genetics).

Hans Jonas (In his book "The principle of responsibility) formulated 1979, following Immanuel Kants "categorical" the ecological imperative:
"Act thus, that the effects of your actions are compatible with the permanence of real human life on earth."

PANDEMIE Covid 19:
The cause is not an animal market in Wuhan (those have been around since two thausend years), but the globalization with its growth mania and insane cheap air traffic.
Followig J.W.Goethe:  Ein Virus, jene Kraft, die stets das Böse will, doch hier das Gute schafft.  A virus, that force, that always wants evil, but here creates the good .
To gain consciousness: everybody worldwide gets from WHO or UNO a "footprint calculator" (like the one from WWF), online or paper. To fill it in takes only a few minutes and requires no special knowledge. The data would have to be transmitted anually by government bodies (office for statistics, tax, residents etc.) to the cientific community for research, which would make it easier for everyone involved, to understand the state of the earth and the trends.
This could lead to acceptance of drastic measures, which will be inevitable, if there is to be a future for humanity.