About me

Max Egli

After living 30 years in my selfbuilt (I try to do everything myself) Eco-House in Dättlikon, I moved 2010 together with my wife into a flat near Winterthur. I was born and raised in that city in 1943. Already as a youngster, I was intrigued by the big  questions of human existence. My main themes are philosophy (mind-matter problem), nuclear- and gene-technology (because of the eternal time periods involved), humanistic pedagogy as well as the climate change, caused by the outrageous growth of the economy and its insane air traffic. The book "Klimaschock-Diagnose" is  a resaerch into the causes of climate-change, written as remembrance and warning for my two children, five grandchildren and future generations. For this, I was labeled "eco-terrorist" by the far right paper Weltwoche. I therefore became an angry activist and distribute now any number of (at present only german) books free of charge to young people. E-mail delivery address and quantity to: elanthro@bluewin.ch. Alternatively, the book can be downloaded as .pdf under "free Book" in german.

It's pure irony. Because the fight for human ideals failed, corona virus appears 2019, terminates any growth of economy and reduces energy consumption ten times (unfortunately only temporarely). It was probably not the last one, but proved, that growth on earth is not necessary.

Following J.W. Goethe:

Ein Virus, jene Kraft, die stets das Böse will, doch hier das Gute schafft.

A Virus, that force, that always wants evil , but here creates the good.